1st trainee workshop - Inscrições abertas, Data 19-20 Maio, Porto, Portugal

Regional anesthesia is becoming more and more popular. With ultrasound guidance (USG), its indications have increased, its application in regional anesthesia has become attractive and complication rate has improved.

Regional anesthesia techniques can be performed for anesthesia and as part of a multimodal analgesia plan. It is safe application, however, requires high levels of expertise and practice. Several regional anesthesia courses and workshops are available, but our concept is to offer a high quality learning experience with scenario simulations at low cost.
Please note that this course is open to residents & trainees only. If you are not an ESRA member, you will be required to fill in a residents/trainees form and have it signed by your head of department.

All non-ESRA members will be granted with a free ESRA membership 2017. If you register as an ESRA member, please renew your ESRA membership for 2017 before registering to the workshop.

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